A big deal

A big deal

What do you make a big deal about? What captivates your time, thoughts, and actions? If you know me at all, you know that I make a big deal about Alabama football. Even though we’re in Tucson now, my Crimson Tide will always be my favorite football team. I invest time and energy reading, watching, and cheering for my team. The Crimson Tide is a big deal to me!

We all have many things that are a big deal to us. Work. Family. Hobbies. Friends. Vacations. Holidays. Lots of things. We make a big deal about what’s important to us.

Which brings us to this week’s passage in Luke. We’ll be looking at v39-56 from chapter 1 on Sunday, and we have a lot to learn from little Mary. Last week we saw that she was a pre-teen nobody from nowhere that God chose to be the mother of His only Son. We saw her respond to Him with faith and surrender.  This week we’ll see Mary make a big deal about God. The word the Bible uses in our passage this week is “magnify.” Mary erupts in praise for the One who has done great things for her. And us.

Not sure what the big deal about God or Mary is? Come join us this Sunday at 9:28 to find out!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Jason