Afraid Not

Fear seems to be winning. Look around. Take a quick turn through the news or social media. If you’re really brave, turn on the news. Everywhere we turn, fear seems to be winning. 

If we’re not careful, we can let all this fear overwhelm us. Paralyze us. Even destroy us.

But it doesn’t have to. 

The Bible gives us clear answers to the problem of fear. In fact, as followers of Jesus, we have the only solution to the global pandemic of fear. 

If you struggle with fear, join us this Sunday as we look at Psalm 27 and find the answer to our fear problem. We’ll address this in English at 9:30 or Chinese at 11 using the Facebook livestream. You can find it by clicking this link:

Speaking of addressing fear, I try to block out all of Thursday mornings to specifically pray for as many of y’all as I can by name. (Of course, I pray for y’all many other times during the week too.) I’ve been doing this for a while, but haven’t been as good about letting you know that I am. So, if you have specific prayer requests please let me know how I can pray for you! 

We’re also going to reboot Friday night virtual fellowship starting this Friday night at 7. I think this week we’ll focus on catching up with one another, and maybe do a little review of our New City Catechism Questions and Answers as time permits. Look for the email invitation soon and join us at 7!

Until then, remember and obey the most often repeated command in the Bible: do not fear!

See y’all Sunday,

Pastor Jason