And…. Action!

I’m a sucker for a good (and even not very good) action movie. While Lisa enjoys a good British period piece, I’d rather watch something blow up. If there is no real plot, I’ll still suffer through it in order to enjoy the action. If it has a great story, that’s even better.

Usually in the story there is a big bad enemy and someone who needs saving. Sometimes the people that need saving are somewhat innocent bystanders that get caught along the way. But sometimes they need saving because of something stupid they’ve done. Either way, they’re in trouble.

Enter the Hero.

Sometimes the hero has special superpowers. At other times he or she is just an ordinary person who makes use of extraordinary weapons. Martial arts training. A hammer. A special suit. Or multiple combinations of the above.

So, who would you be in the action movie? The bad guy out to rule the world? The innocent bystander caught in the crossfire? The not so innocent captive in too deep over your head?

Or would you be the hero? If you’d be the hero, what would be your weapon of choice? How would you have acquired this weapon? And how well would you be able to use it?

As we begin Luke 17 this week, Jesus will take us through the action movie called life. We’ll see the importance of not getting caught up and taken captive. And we’ll also see some of the best weapons He’s given us as His followers in order to fight and win the battle for our lives.

Are you ready for the fight?

See you Sunday, and I’ll tell you more!

Pastor Jason