“Bang your head carefully”

When we lived in the Mainland, we often encountered many interesting signs. One of my favorite and often seen signs hung near low doors and stairwells around the country. It read: “小心碰头” in Chinese, with various translations into English. One of my favorite English translations read: “Bang your head carefully.”

The goal of the signs was to help taller people like me protect ourselves from hitting our heads, but I think something got lost in translation. As a taller person in a land of irregular door frames, I had to be vigilant about “watching my head.”

My problem is that sometimes even when I ducked, I still hit my head on things. The signs were there, and I even though I saw them and understood them, they still didn’t make a difference. Maybe I just didn’t duck enough. Sometimes I just forgot to duck at all. I still have some scars to prove it! The signs were there, but I still had the responsibility to act on them.

There are signs all around us helping us know how to live. As Christians we believe the most important of these signs are found in the Bible; God’s Word given to us. God gives us many signs to direct our steps and keep us safe. But most of all He desires that these signs bring us into a closer relationship with Him.

The signs are all there for every one of us to see. How we respond to these signs is up to us.

On Sunday as we continue in Luke 11, we’ll look at more signs together. Hopefully as we see the signs, we’ll follow them too!

Until then, “watch your head!”

Pastor Jason