“Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

Wait. Somebody is telling me to be afraid?

No problem!

Am I the only one?

Fear seems to be a big deal in our culture. We seem to extol people who conquer their fears and cajole those that don’t. Yet at the same time, we have an entire segment of the movie and TV industry dedicated to trying to scare us. Y’all already know how I feel about that.

Fear can destroy us. It can destroy our relationships. Our futures. And we all deal with it. All of us. Some people face their fears head on. Others look for ways to escape it. Drugs. Pleasures. Entertainment. Work. Denial. But fear is still there, waiting to do its work.

We fear all kinds of things. Situations. Problems. Future possibilities. And we fear people. Often with good reason.

But is fear all bad?

It depends!

And there is good news.

Jesus cares about us in the midst of our fears. The most often repeated commandment in the Bible is “Do not be afraid.”

This week in our combined service at 11 we’re going to start Luke 12. And in Luke 12 we’ll see Jesus tackle fear head on. He’s going to show us who we should not fear, and who we should fear. He’ll also give us reason to hope, even in the midst of our fears.

And hopefully once we get our fears in order, we’ll find that the answer for all our fears is waiting for us, right in front of us.

Do not be afraid.

See you Friday night at 7 as we restart our fun nights. And then, see you Sunday!

Pastor Jason