Biblical Race relations

Race has been a hot topic in our country for a while now. This year it seems exponentially hotter! So many events, news articles and stories bombard us with race related issues. It is even affecting sports. Race relations are a big deal in our country right now.

So, what does the Bible tell us about race?

Many things!

I won’t go into all of them here. But I will say that in our passage from 1 Peter this week, we will see a perspective on race that repeats itself throughout the Bible. We will see that in reality, there are only two kinds of races. We’ll talk about those two races this Sunday.

I hope you’ll join us at 9:28 for our combined service with communion! Please wear a mask, prepare to spread out, and come a few minutes early to have your temperature taken on the way into the building and then get “your” seat. But more than that, prepare to join with others and worship the Lord together in English and Cantonese!

If you can’t make it on Sunday, or still feel more comfortable sheltering at home, you can still watch the livestream on Facebook. You can find it by clicking this link: Be sure to prepare crackers and juice so that you can join us in communion from home!

This Friday night at 7 we’ll continue learning question 11 in the New City Catechism. This week we’re talking about sex. If you haven’t joined us lately, now is a great time to build Friday night fellowships back into your schedule! Let me know if you need a new link to join!

Until then, remember how much God loves you, and rest in the peace that He offers you this week!

Pastor Jason