Billy, prayer, and action

Billy Graham “changed addresses” today. He was 99, and has been called the most influential Christian in America’s history. His public ministry spanned 60 years and 185 nations, but when asked about this fame he replied that only one Voice mattered, and he hoped to hear his Lord say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” He is far happier, far better off today than the world he left!

Which brings us back to prayer as our lifeline and connection to God. Last week we saw that God Himself is the foundation of our prayer life and we can boldly come to Him with anything and everything. This Sunday we’ll go more in-depth to look at a time-tested pattern for prayer that leads to personal and societal transformation.

Billy Graham was obviously a man of both prayer and action, and he leaves quite a legacy. May we be those kinds of people too!

See y’all Sunday!
Pastor Jason