Christmas Freedom and Peace

We worked our way through 1 Peter over the course of the fall. We talked about preparing to live as elect exiles in a hostile world. In our Advent series over the last two weeks we’ve also seen that if we’re going to live well as exiles, we’ve got to live with hearts and lives full of Christmas Hope and Christmas Joy. How do we do that in an increasingly hostile world? The first verse of an old Christmas carol helps answer that question:

O come, O come Emmanuel

And ransom captive Israel

That mourns in lonely exile here

Until the Son of God appear

Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel

Shall come to you O Israel 

Our Christmas Hope and Christmas Joy are based on our Christmas Freedom and Christmas Peace. As we continue our Advent series this Sunday, we’ll have two opportunities to gather, worship, and learn once again from God through Isaiah chapter 9. Sunday morning we’ll meet at 9:28 for English and 11 for Chinese. Then we’ll come back together Sunday evening at 6PM for a combined service with English and Cantonese. Please join us in person, or join us online during the proper time at:

We’ll see you then. As we wait, rest in the hope, joy, freedom, and peace of knowing that Emmanuel shall come to all who put their trust in Him!

Pastor Jason



PS, Here’s an electronic copy of this week’s sermon outlines. A limited number of paper copies will also be available on Sunday morning and evening!

Christmas Freedom  Isaiah 9:4 (AM service)

A. Slavery

1. Slavery in _________

2. Slavery in _________

3. Slavery to _____

B. Freedom

1. The yoke of sin’s ________ is broken

2. The oppression of sin’s ________ is broken

3. The ________ does the breaking, so that _____ gets the ________

C. So what?




Christmas Peace (12/20) Isaiah 9:6-7 (PM Service)

聖誕平安(12/20 以賽亞書 9:6-7

A. Who brings us Christmas peace 誰把聖誕平安賜給了我們

1. The child given 所賜給的孩子

2. The King who reigns  作王之王

3. The Descriptors  形容 祂的詞

B. What Christmas peace looks like 聖誕平安的樣子

1. Eternal reign of peace 永恆平安的統治

2. Fulfilling the Promises 成就應許

3. Just and righteous  公平公義

C. So what?  那麼?