Community matters

Community matters

“No man is an island,” and “It is not good to be alone.” I know that there are many introverts out there who would disagree with these statements and would prefer instead to “be where people are not.” There are other people who have been deeply hurt or disillusioned by others and don’t want to risk further pain. But the reality is, God created us to live in community. He created us to love and be loved. To serve and be served. To have friendship and fellowship with one another. To encourage or rebuke one another when needed. While each of us has a bent towards “more” or “less” interaction with others, the reality is that God designed us to be better together than separate.

Here’s the hard part. Last week we saw that when you put a bunch of sinful people together that focus on themselves you get a whole lotta stinky fruit. Yes, even worse than durian! The works of the flesh lead to death individually as well as death of relationships in community. But the fruit of the Spirit, which is a picture of Christ himself, is life-giving for us individually as well as in fellowship with one another.

This coming Sunday as we begin Galatians 6 we’re going to take another look at these bad and good harvests, and Paul is going to provide practical instruction on how to walk by the Spirit in community.

In addition to our Sunday morning times, I also want to remind you that we have opportunities for prayer and fellowship each Wednesday night at seven as well as a weekly worship, study, and fellowship time together on Friday nights at seven. Join us as we “spur each other on to love and good works in community!”

See you soon!

Pastor Jason