E Pluribus Unum

There has been a lot in the news lately about gearing up for the next Olympics. Some encouraging. Some discouraging.

But one of the things that I like about the Olympics is that we usually (but not always) come together as a country, set aside our differences, and cheer for our nation to win. 

It is hard to unite a collection of individuals. Much harder to unite a nation of individuals! But somehow, at least until recent years, the Olympics managed to pull it off. We could all join in chanting: “USA! USA!”

July 4th, American Independence Day, has traditionally been another one of those unifying events for our country. Community wide parades and fireworks displays have helped bring us together down through the years. People use the day to remember that we have many freedoms in our country that other places don’t.

Throughout our history as a nation, the Latin phrase “E pluribus unum” has been one of our mottos. It means “Out of many, one.”  The Founding Fathers used it to describe a diversity of people coming together, and a diversity within 13 colonies that came together to form one new nation. This unity wasn’t easy then, and it’s not easy now!

It takes God’s grace to take a collection of individuals and bring us together. That is true politically as well as spiritually. 

What does this have to do with us as a church? Everything!

Please join us in person on Sunday at 9:30 for English and 11 for Chinese to hear more! If you can’t make it in person, you can still join us online by going through our website: then hit “watch livestream,” or go directly to our Youtube page. 

Speaking of getting together, this Friday night at 6:30 we’ll be meeting offsite at The Ha House for Friday night fellowship. You should have received an email from me yesterday with more details. If you didn’t get that info and want to come, please let me know!

Until we meet again, by God’s grace, may you find God’s grace through living in community with other believers this week!

See you soon!

Pastor Jason



Electronic copy of this week’s sermon outline:

“Interdependence Day”  1 Corinthians 12:12-26

How biblical community leads to Interdependent service and witness

A. Lie #1: “I don’t ________ you.” 

B. Lie #2: “I don’t __________.” 

 C. Truth #1: “We _________ each other.”  

D. Truth #2: “We belong to __________ and ________ __________ through the ____________.”

E. Truth #3: This unity through diversity is God’s ________ and ____________

F. So What?