Evidence that demands a decision

Holy Week is upon us once again.

The week that we focus even more on the Lord Jesus’ death for our sins and resurrection on Easter morning. 

But what evidence do we have for this celebration? On Sunday we’ll look at 1 Corinthians 15:1-8, and we’ll examine clear evidence that demands a decision. 

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Until we meet again, by God’s grace, may you experience the power and joy of Jesus’ resurrection in your own life this week!

See you soon!

Pastor Jason



Electronic copy of this week’s sermon outline:

Easter 復活節2021  

1 Corinthians 哥林多前書  15:1-8

A. This is the gospel (4 aspects) 這就是福音(4個方面)

1. Scripture 經文

2. Death for our sins and burial 為我們的罪而死和埋葬

3. Resurrection 復活

B. There are plenty of witnesses 有很多見證人

1. Eye-witness testimony of apostles 使徒的目擊見證

2. 500 people at one time 一時顯給五百多弟兄看

3. James and “Me”  雅各和“我”

C. The gospel is of first importance 福音就是“第一”至為重要的

1. Everything else is secondary to the gospel of Jesus Christ 一切其他的都以耶穌基督的福音而次要的

2. We never outgrow the gospel 我們永遠不會超越福音

3. The reality of the gospel will transform how we live 福音的現實將要改變我們的生活

D. So what? 那麼?




Prayer 禱告

Communion 聖餐