Father Abraham nearly lost both sons

Last week we saw that Father Abraham wasn’t the perfect father many of us have been taught down through the years. He ended up driving his older boy Ishmael away, and almost sacrificed his promised boy Isaac as well. What a way for Isaac to grow up!

Well, as they say, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Isaac grew up to be our next in a long line of “fallen fathers.” And it sure seems like he got more of the bad than the good from his father Abraham! But as with the other fallen fathers we’ve already seen, Isaac, and we, have a gracious God strong enough to overcome all the problems we manage to get ourselves into every day. You can read Isaac’s story in Genesis 22 through 28:9.

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Until then, by God’s grace, may you finish this week knowing with certainty that God is in control! He is an ever-present help in all kinds of trouble!

See you soon!

Pastor Jason



PS, Here’s an electronic copy of this week’s sermon outlines. A limited number of paper copies will also be available on Sunday morning!

Isaac Genesis 22-28:9

A. Fallen Isaac

1. ______ father

2. _________ __________ with his _______ over the ________

3. Like __________ like ______

4. ________________ to God

5. ____________ into blessing __________

B. Gracious God

1. Miraculous ________

2. Miraculous ______________

3. Miraculous _______

4. Miraculous ______________

5. Miraculous ________________

C. So what?