Hell no?

The message on the church sign was meant to attract visitors:

“What is Hell? Come hear our pastor!”

Whether intentional or not, the reality is that the sign made the church infamous on one of those “funny church sign” websites.

We often misspeak about Hell. We think of it as a cuss word. Or we talk about “going through Hell” during a hard season of our lives. Or someone “put us through Hell.” Or we even had a “Hell of a good time.”

For many people, Hell seems to be no big deal anymore.

But is it?

Make no mistake. This is a difficult topic. One we often avoid thinking about, much less talking about seriously. Even some people calling themselves Christians now claim that there is no Hell. They want to believe that a loving God will give people another chance after death. Or even believe that everyone will make it to Heaven, no matter what.

But Jesus paints a different picture. He talked more about Hell than He talked about many other topics we consider “settled.” Jesus tells us that Hell is a very real, very terrifying place. We should therefore sit up and pay attention.

As we finish Luke 16 this week, Jesus warns us about Hell. Jesus tells us who is headed for Hell, and how to escape. He also challenges us to think about how we should live now in light of the reality of Hell. It’s a difficult topic, but one we must address.

If you want to hear more, come hear your pastor!

See you Sunday.

Pastor Jason


PS, if you didn’t give me your spiritual gifts inventory sheet last Sunday, please get it to me ASAP so we can schedule a free meal together and talk about how God wants to work through you!