How much are you worth?

The question is everywhere. Sometimes it is open and obvious. Other times a little more subtle. But it comes at each one of us constantly:

“How much are you worth?”

Financial planners want to help you increase your net worth.

Educators want to help you improve your earning power.

Even politicians want your one vote to count for them.

There are so many ways our society and our world try to define how much we’re worth. And almost every one of them leave us looking at the wrong standards to make faulty value judgements.

Enter Jesus.

The Creator of this universe.

The Lord of everything.

Surely, He can tell us how much we’re worth, right?


Yes, He can!

And He did!

He tells us throughout the Bible. He demonstrates our value in word and deed.

And this week as we look at Luke 15, Jesus will tell us three parables to help us understand just how much we’re worth. If you don’t believe me, go read it for yourself this week! And then, I hope you’ll join us on Sunday to hear more.

It will be life changing good news!

See you then!

Pastor Jason