“If you can make it through ________, you’re going to make it!”

So we’re still relatively new here to Tucson. When we arrived last December the weather was beautiful, and in the midst of our transition it was a gift from God. As spring sprung and the temperatures starting rising, many of y’all began reminding us that “It’s not hot yet.” You were right. Many of you also said, “If you can make it through June you’ll be ok!”

As June came and went many others of you said, “Whoever told you that was wrong. Monsoon season makes everything hot and sticky. Hang in there. It’ll be better in September.”

So here we are. August 1st, and it’s “only” supposed to get up to 101 today. In December I didn’t think I’d willingly be making that statement, but 101 is still better than 110!

We’re very much enjoying life here so far, in spite of the heat. The kids have really enjoyed swimming almost every day, and I’ve rediscovered a love for early morning walks before it gets too hot. We’ve also adopted another local favorite. We’ve gone to more movies in the last several months than we’ve seen in years! Those nice, cold theaters are a great refuge from the heat.

I do have to confess that as summer has worn on we’ve all been a bit more grumpy. I guess it’s the heat. Heat probably has a lot to do with it, but I still have a responsibility to watch my responses to life. Maybe I need a “timeout!”

I know that fall will be here soon, and it will start cooling down a little. I know that the heat of summer will give way to cooler weather, reestablished school routines, and the joy of college football.  I keep telling myself, “If we can just make it through another month or so, things will get better.” Don’t we often say such things to ourselves? “If I can just make it through___________, I’m going to make it!”

We as humans thrive on hope. The next thing over the horizon. The changing seasons. The change in circumstances. The project that is finished. The promotion we think is on the way. The prayer that is finally answered “yes.” One thing I think the Lord wants us to learn is how to hang on to that hope even when it doesn’t seem like anything will change. To persevere by faith. To keep our eyes fixed on Him, even when it seems like things might not ever change.

This week we’re going to join together in a combined language service at 11 and look at Psalm 7. I hope we’ll see how David took refuge, took responsibility, and trusted God in an ongoing season of trouble. I hope you’ll join us then, and stay for communion at the end of the service too!

I also want to remind you that starting this Friday night at 7 we’ll be looking at our church’s vision in more detail. I hope you’ll join us for that too!

We belong to a Great God who has Great Love for us. Draw near to Him today! Let me know how I can pray for you.

See you soon,

Pastor Jason