20180828-In Christ by grace and the will of God, part 1

Sunday Sermon Series - Colossians: Can I See Some ID?2018-08-24

Can I see some ID?
In Christ by grace and the will of God, Part 1

Colossians 1:1-14

1. Who are you?

  • (2) Saints and faithful brothers
  • (12) with an inheritance
  • (14) Redeemed and forgiven

2. How?

  • (1) By the will of God
  • (5-6) through the word of truth, the gospel heard, understood
  • (8) in the Spirit

3. So what?

  • Are you “in Christ by the grace and will of God” today?
  • Are you resting in Christ in your new identity in Him in these areas?
  • The answer for both scenarios is to come, or come back to, Christ today.
  • Who does God want to send you to in order to proclaim good news?