Is the world about to end?

Is the world about to end?


“It sure seems like it!”

“Who knows?”

“Are you ready?”

That might be the real question. Are you ready for the world to end? How do you know? If you are ready, how are you living in light of the end of the world?

On Sunday we’ll start a two-part series called “The End is Near.” We’ll break Luke 21 up into two parts and look at the signs of the end of the world as well as how to live in light of the end of the world. I hope you’ll join us at 9:30!

Friday night we’ll be discussing your homework from last Friday: What does “Teaching Christ” really look like for us personally and as a church? If you didn’t get a sheet or you lost yours, let me know and I can email you another one to work on before Friday. I’ll have extra copies available too. We’ll also start thinking more about what “Becoming Christlike” means for us. We’ll eat together at 7 and then begin discussion time by around 7:45. Please plan on joining us!

See you soon!

Pastor Jason