Labor and rest

Like just about everything else in 2020, it is shaping up to be a unique Labor Day weekend. Normally many of us would be traveling. Or maybe having friends over and grilling burgers. For most people, Labor Day marks the end of summer and beginning of fall. I guess here in Tucson it doesn’t really work that way. But no matter where we are in the states, most people look to add an extra day of rest and recreation to their weekend. But it will most likely look different this year. 

Don’t we all crave more rest?

Don’t we all want to take time away from our labor, and just “be” for a while?

Most of us do.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Why do I say that?

Because that’s the way God made us!

This Labor Day Sunday, we’re going to look at God’s clear plan for a sustainable, long term life. And we’ll see that that plan includes regular rest. 

We are planning to regather at the church building at 9:28 for English, or 11 for Chinese. Please wear a mask, prepare to spread out, and come a few minutes early to have your temperature taken on the way into the building. But more than that, prepare to join with others and worship the Lord together!

If you can’t make it on Sunday, or still feel more comfortable sheltering at home, you can still watch the livestream on Facebook. You can find it by clicking this link:

I’ll be praying for you again by name tomorrow morning, so if you have specific prayer requests please let me know how I can pray for you! 

We’ll connect again Friday night at 7 for our normal fellowship and discussion time. I hope you can join us!

Don’t let the craziness of 2020 get to you. Make time for some rest this week. And plan on entering God’s rest with us this coming Sunday!

See y’all then!

Pastor Jason