Life has storms

Storms have a way of putting us in our places. Years ago, when I was much younger and more foolish, I remember running across a golf course in Texas. A thunderstorm was rolling in, and yet I was trying to finish a great round of golf. As the lightning ripped through the air overhead, I finally started to realize that a personal record wasn’t worth my life. But I was on the far side of the golf course, carrying 14 lightning rods, and running for my life. I had plenty of warning of the coming storm, but in my pride, I ignored the signs.

Storms also have a way of helping us see how small, and often foolish, we are. Consider the destruction of hurricanes, tornados, flooding, or even the wildfires we had a few months ago here in Tucson. Think about how tsunamis make quick work of anything man can build along the coasts. Earthquakes can be even worse. These storms often leave visible reminders of destructive power in their wake. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years for people to recover.

Other storms might not be as obvious at first glance. Yet their influence might be just as damaging. An unexpected death of a loved one. A prolonged sickness, an abusive situation, or family gripped by drug or alcohol abuse can all wreck havoc on people’s lives.

Life has storms. Lots of them. 

How we recognize and respond to the storms of life makes all the difference. 

If we are wise, we’ll pay attention to the storms. We’ll recognize that there is a God, and we’re not Him. And hopefully we’ll do a better job of heeding the signs and humbling ourselves before God. 

As we study Psalm 29 this Sunday, we’ll see that nature’s storms prompted David to turn his heart toward God in worship. We have much to learn from him, starting in English at 9:30 or Chinese at 11 using the Facebook livestream. You can find it by clicking this link:

I’ll be praying for you again by name tomorrow morning, so if you have specific prayer requests please let me know how I can pray for you! 

During our Friday night virtual fellowship, we’ll focus on reviewing our first ten New City Catechism Questions and Answers. I hope you will join us at 7!

Until then, don’t let life’s storms get the best of you this week. Join David and countless other Christ-followers and worship the Lord Jesus in the midst of your storms!

See you soon,

Pastor Jason