Morning people

Are you a night owl or a morning person? 

I’m a morning person. I think I always have been. I’d far rather “awake the dawn” then stay out all night. There are seasons where, by necessity I did have to stay out all night. Right after high school I worked “the graveyard shift” in a convenience store in the middle of nowhere west Texas. 11PM to 7AM. Toss the old burritos and restock the shelves. Deep fry the new burritos and make the coffee for the coming day. I got used to it, but it went against my natural bent as a morning person. 

Most of my college experience was a series of “all-nighters.” As a landscape architecture major, I wasted too much time and spent too many nights in the design studio trying to finish projects. The absolute worst week was fall semester of my junior year, when I stayed up for a week straight and survived on 3-liters of Dr. Pepper and bags of cherry sours each day. Staying up all those nights was miserable. 

Later on, jetlag became my nemesis. All those trans-Pacific flights back and forth to China always did a number on me. Especially coming back to the states. I need my days set so that I can get up with the sun and sleep soon after dark. 

Even today, if you try to contact me after 10PM, there’s probably a good chance that I won’t respond until the next day. Sorry to those who have tried! I’d rather talk to you at 7AM then 11PM any day of the week! 

(This is another reason we need a discipleship pastor: #lockins.)

Misery haunts me at night. It is easier to be discouraged and lose heart in the dark. But sunrise just seems like a daily fresh start for me. Even early mornings like yesterday morning when I spilled pounds of cat food all over the floor are more joyful for me than staying up late. I know, that just doesn’t make sense to many of y’all night owls!

Many things in this life just don’t seem to make sense. They seem to contradict. How do we make sense of all these seeming contradictions?

Psalm 30 will help us make sense of these contradictions this Sunday. One of its most famous verses says:

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” 

There it is. 

Joy comes with the morning.

Not when it is past my bedtime.

Does this mean that God wants everyone to become morning people? No. But it does mean that weeping and joy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

In Psalm 30 we’ll see God’s remedy for understanding life’s paradoxes. We’ll consider these truths in English at 9:30 or Chinese at 11 using the Facebook livestream. You can find it by clicking this link:

I’ll be praying for you again by name tomorrow morning, so if you have specific prayer requests please let me know how I can pray for you! 

During our Friday night virtual fellowship, we’ll focus on reviewing four through ten of the New City Catechism Questions and Answers we’ve previously studied. I hope you will join us at 7!

Until then, try catching a sunrise with the Lord Jesus this week, and see if it doesn’t lead to a more joyful day!

See you soon,

Pastor Jason