No pain, no gain

“No pain, no gain!” This well-known phrase is used to motivate us in exercise, but is it true? Do we have to have pain in order to “gain?” What about when it feels like we ARE in a lot of pain, but we’re not making any progress anyway? Is the statement not true then either?

Pain is a part of life. Unfortunately. Tragically. Frustratingly. Thanks a lot Adam! Thanks a lot, Eve! So how do we respond in the midst of pain? How do we function and live with it? What do we do about it? And where is God in the midst of it?

This week we’re going to continue learning about prayer by studying David’s prayers in the Psalms. As we look at Psalm 6 we’ll see David model for us how to “pray through the pain.” I look forward to seeing you then, if not before.

How can I pray for you this week?

Pastor Jason