Of donkeys, stones, and the King of Kings

Last week I made a joke in the sermon about a donkey. Some of y’all got it. Some of y’all didn’t. And that’s okay. The donkey doesn’t care.

Donkeys don’t care about a lot of things. But donkeys know why they are here. Donkeys are also stronger than they look. They can carry heavy loads and go long distances. They know how to work hard. But they can be stubborn at times. Just like us! Even though donkeys were created to work hard, they can get off track and not fulfill their purpose. Just like us!

Everything has a purpose. It is easy to forget that. It is easy to get off track. It is even easier for many of us to stubbornly refuse to do what we were created to do.

You see, everything ever made was made to bring glory to Jesus. From the smallest part of the smallest cells in our bodies to the biggest stars and black holes out in the most distant galaxies. Nature bows and groans before its Maker. And even stubborn donkeys know that.

But we forget.

We forget why we were made and what we’re for.

Or even worse, we stubbornly refuse to be who we were called to be or live the way we were created to live. We stubbornly refuse to surrender and find true freedom.

This coming Sunday morning we’re going to finish Luke 19. As we do, we’ll see a donkey doing what it was created to do: worship the King by carrying Him on its back. We’ll also see some people doing what they were created to do: worship the King with their voices and lives. But there will be others in our passage on Sunday that were more stubborn than donkeys. They refused to recognize and worship their King. They even wanted to silence the other people worshipping Jesus.

And that’s when the stones would have started crying out. You have heard it said that “nature abhors a vacuum.” Nowhere is that more apparent than when the King of Kings is not worshipped.

At Christmas we have a great opportunity to slow down and remember that the King of Kings was born into poverty in order to set us free to worship Him. Join us Sunday morning as we take some time to worship Jesus as prophet, priest, and King!

See you then!

Pastor Jason