“Pay attention to your healthy!”

Midweek greetings, y’all!

Last week we were reminded that when the Lord calls us to step out and follow Him that He always provides what we need to accomplish that calling. Most importantly, He goes with us and before us in our journey. As believers, we can follow Him confidently knowing that there truly are no “godforsaken towns,” because He is with us wherever we go. How have you experienced His presence with you as you’ve been going this week?

Speaking of going, when we lived in China one of the statements we heard most often from students and concerned friends was: “Pay attention to your healthy!” We usually heard this when we were fighting colds or perceived to be not wearing enough clothes, and most of the time we tried to listen. How do you pay attention to your health? What does it mean to be a healthy person? What does it mean to be healthy as a church family? This Sunday we’ll begin a new series trying to answer these questions, and I hope to see you there!

Until then, “pay attention to your healthy!”

Pastor Jason