I have a problem with gluttony. I like food. A lot. There are very few types of food I’ve ever eaten that I said to myself, “Self, don’t ever eat this again!” 

I like food. A lot. And a lot of it. This is my other problem. When I taste food that I like, I like to eat it a lot, and a lot of it. Some call this the “see food diet.” We see food, then we eat it.

Summer is upon us here in Tucson. We’ve pushed beyond the 100 degree threshold for the foreseeable future. And my flesh cries out, “extra ice cream!” The grocery stores know this, and they put Blue Bell on sale. And an occasional bowl turns into one large bowl per day. 

I can’t blame the heat. Or the grocery stores. Or the ice cream itself. I can’t say that spoons make me fat. I’m the one choosing to eat well more than I should. I am choosing my portions!

That’s the bad news.

Am I the only one?

The good news is that I can add “push-aways” back into my life. “Push-away” from the table. “Push-away” from the deep freeze. I can choose a better portion. And so can you!

When we look at Psalm 16 this coming Sunday, we’ll see that better portion. Hopefully as we meet Jesus together, we can “taste and see that He is good.” 

I hope you can join us this Sunday! We’re slowly but surely opening the church building up for onsite worship. See my email or blog post from a few weeks ago for more details. We’ll also continue to live stream the English service at 9:30 and the Chinese service at 11 using Facebook. If you’d like to watch the live stream, please join us at 

For now, I’ve made the difficult decision to cut ice cream and other sugar back out of my diet again for a while. I hope that choosing a better portion will be good for my soul and for how my clothes fit. We’ll all be able to see how well I choose the “better portion.” 

My prayer for you this week is that you choose good portions this week too!

See you Friday night at 7 or Sunday morning!

Pastor Jason