New Year's Greetings

Greetings brothers and sisters of TCBC!

Grace and Peace to you as 2017 winds down and 2018 begins!

Many people often use this time of year to reflect on how the previous year went and look ahead to the coming year. New Year’s resolutions are common, but most never make it out of January! I’m guilty as charged in that area as well. Last year I said I wanted to lose twenty pounds in 2017, and as of today I have 25 to go!

Making changes in our lives is hard, but even small changes often make big differences!

In light of that, as you start the new year, may I invite you to give Jesus 10 minutes a day?

Four minutes in the morning:

  • As you wake up, start by saying “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
  • Then think about what you have in front of you for the day as you commit your day to Jesus (make a priority list if that is helpful).
  • Then pray: “Lord, glorify yourself through me today!”

Two minutes at lunch, or “Halftime”

  • Take a minute and reflect. How has the morning gone?
  • Are there any actions or attitudes you’d like to do differently over the course of the afternoon or evening?

Four minutes at night:

  • Before you go to sleep at night, take the last few minutes to review your day:
    • What happened?
    • How did Jesus show up in your day?
    • What went well?
    • What do you want to do differently tomorrow?
  • Thank God for His love and grace no matter what happened over the day, and ask for grace and strength to glorify Him tomorrow.

That’s it. Ten minutes a day that might just change your life in 2018!

Of course, you can take more time than this, and I’d also encourage you to build in time to read and meditate on the Bible and worship Jesus. Many of you may already be doing something like this in your own quiet times. Keep it up!

One of my hopes is that by setting aside these ten minutes a day we will reflect on Jesus’ role in our lives and evaluate how He is already at work in us and through us. Howard Hendricks famously said, “Experience is not the best teacher. Properly evaluated experience is the best teacher!”  Time sitting with Jesus and reflecting on your day will reap huge benefits! Try it for a few weeks and see what you think!

Wishing you a new year filled with more awareness of Jesus!

See y’all Sunday!

Pastor Jason