Road Trip

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great New Year’s celebration this year! How did you spend it? Did you stay up ‘til midnight? Did you dance the night away? Or maybe you hung out with family or friends and ate good food? How did you ring in the new year?

We were driving. We drove almost 10 hours after church on the 30thand stopped in the middle of nowhere, Texas about midnight central time. We got up New Year’s Eve and drove about five more hours to my dad’s place in Beeville, Texas, and spent the afternoon and evening with him. None of us made it ‘til midnight. And that’s probably a good thing, because we got up and were on the road by 8 the next morning to drive about 12 hours to my mom’s in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After a few days we headed on to the Atlanta, Georgia area to help Lisa’s parents downsize. By the time I flew back yesterday (so I can do a wedding in Phoenix on Friday/Saturday) we had already put about 2400 miles on the van, and Lisa will probably add 2000 more on the way back starting this weekend! The good news is that movies, games, and naps helped pass the time and ease the burden of travel. I guess you could say we had quite a road trip!

This Sunday we’re going to continue our study of Luke by looking at a different kind of road trip that Joseph, Mary, and Jesus took when he was 12 years old. This one included lots of walking, a big party, a few assumptions, and a left behind kid. To borrow the familiar clickbait phrase, “what happened next will shock you.”

I look forward to seeing y’all this Sunday as we find out more, and we talk about how this story applies in our own lives right here in Tucson as we move into a new year.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Jason