Shut up and play

Shut up and play

Last week I told you a little about my rebellious college days, and how I was told “You can’t sow your wild oats all week and then come to church on Sunday and pray for crop failure.” We saw from the first part of Galatians 6 that we reap what we sow. Sowing to the Spirit leads to life and hope, while sowing to the flesh leads to death.

Make no mistake. I had plenty of “wild oats” and sowing to the flesh. “Back in the day” I loved playing all kinds of sports. Basketball, volleyball, and golf were my “go to” sports, but the problem with playing is that I often did more smack talking than actually playing or winning. Looking back, I often did this to try to get into people’s heads and try to gain an advantage. Sometimes it worked, but more often it just got me pretty deep into trouble.

Eventually, someone older and wiser came to me and basically told me to “Shut up and play. Let your game do the talking, and just keep your mouth shut.” I wish I could say that there was an instantaneous transformation, but over the years to come as I followed their advice I grew to enjoy the sports I played much more, and people seemed to enjoy playing with me more too. There were (and still are) times when I would slip back into the old smack talking patterns, but the advice is still solid for sports and for life: “Shut up and play.”

As we wrap up Galatians this week, Paul is going to address this issue for us, and tell us how to boast well, and what to boast in. I hope you’ll join us at 9:30 on Sunday as we try to apply this wisdom in our lives!

Until then, may you play well this week!

Pastor Jason