“Stupid is as stupid does,” and coronavirus reopening update

We’re continuing our Forrest Gump blog theme for another week. And this quote is one of my favorites: “mamma always said, stupid is as stupid does!” 

Using this definition, I can be pretty stupid. I do all kinds of stupid things. Hopefully less now that I’m older. But still…I have more than enough “stupid” left in me!

How about you?

Well, I have good news for all of us. We don’t have to live “stupid.” We can learn to leave behind many of these stupid, foolish, behaviors and grow up to look more like Jesus!

This week we’re going to jump back into the Psalms for the summer. The Psalms have so much to teach us about life and worship! So we’ll pick up almost exactly where we left off two summers ago. Psalm 14 will help define stupid, foolish behavior for us. But it will also show us what God does in spite of our stupidity. 

I hope you can join us! We’ll live stream the English service at 9:30 and the Chinese service at 11 using Facebook. If you’d like to watch the live stream, please join us at .

Coronavirus reopening update

We’re also going to open the doors back up starting this week for a limited number of people who would like to gather on site with us! We’ll practice social distancing with our seating and service. We’ll spread out and skip rows. We won’t be shaking hands, passing the offering plate, or handing out bulletins. You can wear a mask if you’d like, because we won’t be serving snacks or coffee. And Sunday school and kid’s programs will continue online only for now. If you are comfortable joining us, you can. At the same time, if you’d like to stay home and watch the live stream, then transition over to virtual Sunday school, that is fine for now too!

Our hope is not to show off “stupid is as stupid does.” Our hope is to use wisdom as we worship our King. Thanks for praying for us as church leadership on when and how to open back up! The church council will be meeting Sunday afternoon for further discussions.

See you Friday night at 7 for more spirited discussion and personal growth. And then, see you Sunday!

Pastor Jason