Succeeding at the wrong things

In our current sermon series, we’re studying churches in Revelation to understand how we should live and should not live while we wait for the Lord’s return. This coming Sunday we’ll look at the church in Ephesus. This church was wildly successful by all outward appearances. And yet the Lord Jesus rebuked them. Why? Because it is possible to be successful at the wrong things.

Just what are those wrong things, and what are the right things we should be pursuing? 

Please join us in person on Sunday at 9:30 for English or 11 for Chinese to hear more! If you can’t make it in person, you can still join us online by going through our website: then hit “watch livestream,” or go directly to our Youtube page. 

Speaking of getting together, we will be getting together this Friday night at 7:00 at the church building for game night. We might also need some help putting furniture back in place on our nice, clean floors!

Until we meet again, by God’s grace, may you succeed in the right things this week!

Pastor Jason



Electronic copy of this week’s sermon outline:

3. Ephesus 2:1-7

A. The ________ news

B. The _______ news

C. What you ________ ____ ____ 

D. What will ______________ if you ________

E. So what?