Taking “DTR” to a “whol’nother” level


Depending on your perspective, those three letters might evoke joy or heartache. Good memories or bad. Or both! What does “DTR” stand for? “Determine The Relationship.” It means having a conversation with another person in order to decide whether or how to continue the relationship. “DTR” is usually used in a romantic context. Moving from casual dating to something more serious (or not). Or maybe from more serious towards a proposal (or not).  “DTRs” are never bad things. We might not like the outcome of them sometimes, but in the long run, they are almost always for the best.

Well, as we continue looking at Luke 20 this coming Sunday, we’ll see a different group of religious leaders take “DTR” to a “whol’nother” level! They’ll try to take a part of the Bible and twist it to fit their own ideas. And then they’ll try to trap Jesus with those ideas. We’ll get to see Jesus correct their thinking, and in the process help us understand what marriage will and will not be like in Heaven.

Jesus will then press the issue so that we will also face a “DTR” with Him. I hope you’ll be able to join us this Sunday at 9:30 to hear more!

Friday night we’ll be looking more closely at what our new vision statement—Teaching Christ, Becoming Christlike. Taking Christ Beyond Church—means for each one of us personally as well as for us as a church.  We’ll eat together at 7 and then begin discussion time by around 7:45. I guess you could say we’re going to start the “DTR” with our vision statement then! Please plan on joining us!

Pastor Jason