The Circle of (prayer) life

Greetings y’all!

I need you to pray for me. Elizabeth (the youngest) recently rediscovered “The Lion King” on Netflix, and with that a whole host of new “old” songs is filling our house. The movie itself brings back memories both good and bad for me, yet I have found myself humming along from time to time. I guess the good news is that maybe we can drop some of the Frozen songs and “Let it go!”

Last week we talked about the “circle of prayer life;” the pattern of relationship, worship, Kingdom, provision, protection, and worship that Jesus taught His followers to pray in the Lord’s Prayer. We saw that in the context of our relationship with the King we are drawn to worship Him and have freedom to ask for what we need as we pursue His Kingdom here on earth. We were reminded that the true “circle of life” begins and ends with King Jesus, the author of life.

This week we’ll turn our attention from prayer to fellowship with other believers. With Jesus at the core of our lives, we’ll see how we have freedom and responsibility to live in community with one another.

I also want to remind you again that we’re moving Friday night fellowship up to 7PM starting this week! If you haven’t been able to make it on Friday nights now is the perfect time for a “reboot!” If you can’t make it Friday night, don’t forget about an opportunity to serve at Caring Ministries Saturday morning and our church picnic Saturday afternoon!

You see, we have many opportunities over the rest of the week to get together! I hope to see you at one of them.

If not, see you Sunday!

Pastor Jason