The pastor called in sick

So I was all set. Excited and ready to kick off the new series last Sunday. Saturday morning I got up with a cough and stuffy nose, and by just after lunch I was crawling back into bed with a fever and that feeling of impending doom. The last three days have been a feverish, bedridden blur, but hope dawns again this morning.

The irony of being too sick to preach a message about health last Sunday is not lost on me. Health is a delicate state, and sometimes it doesn’t take much to get everything out of whack.

Was it:

  1. A) rampant flu germs
  2. B) spiritual warfare
  3. C) God’s will
  4. D) all of the above

I believe the answer is “D,” because I believe everything is in God’s hands. What seems like setbacks and annoyances to us still work together as part of a bigger plan that we can’t fully see or understand. There is great hope and comfort in that as we hang on to His Hand and keep walking with Jesus.

So, Lord willing, we’ll start that series on health this Sunday. Until then, I hope you are well or on the road to recovery too!

Let me know how I can pray for you this week!

Pastor Jason