The problem with the rat race

Life, especially here in the US, is often compared to a rat race. He or she who gets to the cheese—the reward—first wins. And so we race. We struggle. We try to get ahead. Get noticed by our bosses. Put in extra hours. Look for career advancement and better job opportunities. We tear frantically through our mazes in search of our “cheese.”

And along with this race for our “cheese,” we look for better cars in order to get there. Bigger houses. More perks. We even have designer coffee to keep us pumped up so we can keep chasing our “cheese” on less sleep.

Are you tired yet?

Now, pursuing a better life is not a bad thing in and of itself. Working hard is not a bad thing. Trying to be the best we can be and pass on blessings to our kids is not a bad thing either. The problem with the rat race is our attitude towards it, and the type of cheese we’re chasing. So, we must ask the question, “Which ‘cheese’ will define who I am?”

Another challenge with our rat race is what happens when we lose. What happens when we get off track, and others know it? Well, usually we either try even harder to shake off the embarrassment, or we slink off to somewhere else in hopes of covering our shame. Either way, if it is the race and the wrong “cheese” that defines us, we’ll continue running in the same race.

So, what do we do?

As we look at Luke 14 on Sunday Jesus will tell us what to do. He addresses our hearts, our motivations, and our rat race. He challenges us to reconsider which “cheese” is worth struggling over.  And Jesus invites us to make a decision on which “cheese” we will pursue with our lives. And as Jesus often does, He calls us to these decisions by telling us stories that might offend us.

Are you ready to hear more?

Make sure your race detours through church this Sunday!

I’ll bring the cheese.

Pastor Jason