The Sunday School Answer

We often joke that “Jesus” is always the answer in Sunday school. No matter what question the teacher asks, “Jesus” is the right answer!

It is a joke. Yet it is still true! We can’t go wrong with looking to Jesus!

This Sunday we’re going to continue our series on Biblical Community 101 by looking at how Jesus modeled biblical community. 

Please join us in person on Sunday at 9:30 for English and 11 for Chinese! If you can’t make it in person, you can still join us online by going through our website: then hit “watch livestream,” or go directly to our Youtube page. 

Until we meet again, by God’s grace, no matter what you face, try going with the Sunday School answer!

See you soon!

Pastor Jason



Electronic copy of this week’s sermon outline:

3. Jesus modeled biblical community

A. Jesus valued ________ and ______________ over ____________  

B. Jesus healed and taught ________, and had many _______________, but called __________

C. Jesus poured into ________ within the ____________

D. Jesus commissioned the disciples to _____ __________ ________ disciples!

E. So what?