How many of y’all are waiting on something? Or someone? You’re doing what you can to faithfully follow the Lord, and you believe you’ve heard from Him that something new is on the horizon of your life, but you’re just…waiting.

Last week, through the lives of unborn John, Elizabeth, and Mary we saw that worship is always and only the proper response to Jesus. Even when we’re waiting. We saw Mary worship and magnify the Lord with all that she was, and we reminded ourselves that if we want to magnify the Lord, it starts by focusing on Him, even in the midst of our crazy lives. Even when we are just…waiting.

This week as we look at verses 57-80 from Luke 1, we’ll see what happens when Zechariah and Elizabeth’s waiting comes to an end. We’ll see God’s mercy pour out on them and then through them into their community. We’ll see God’s promise to them and to their nation fulfilled. We’ll see worship, and we’ll see witness as a result.

When the waiting ends for Zechariah and Elizabeth, God’s glory is clearly seen. This Christmas season, keep waiting and watching by faith for the Lord to work in your life too. God’s glory will be seen in you and through you too!

While you’re waiting this week, don’t forget that you can also join us to go Christmas Caroling at local assisted living centers this Friday. We’ll meet at the church at 3:59 and carpool to various places after that. Also plan on enjoying the annual Christmas program with us Sunday night at six! Even if you can’t make those events, I hope to see you at 9:28 Sunday morning as we worship the Lord together.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Jason