Walking with a limp

Most of us don’t stop to think about how easy it is to walk across the room. Or even go for a longer walk. We just do it! Unless something hurts. Twist a knee. Sprain an ankle. Stub a toe. Or Twist your back the wrong way, and all bets are off. Something we didn’t give a second thought about becomes a big challenge. We might still be able to walk, but it will be much more slowly, and with a limp. 

As we continue our series “Fallen Fathers, Gracious God” this Sunday, we’re going to look at the most famous “limper” in the Bible. In his later years, Jacob walked with a limp because he wrestled with God. But Jacob got into plenty of trouble before that wrestling match! We’ll talk about how and how often Jacob fell, and the Gracious God that saved him anyway. I’d encourage you to take some time between now and Sunday and read Genesis 25-35, along with 42-49 for a closer look at Jacob’s life.

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Until then, by God’s grace, keep walking with Him. Even if you do it with a limp! 

See you soon!

Pastor Jason



PS, Here’s an electronic copy of this week’s sermon outlines. A limited number of paper copies will also be available on Sunday morning!

Jacob 25-35, 42-49

A. Fallen Jacob, the “Deceiver”

1. Conflict with his __________

2. Conflict with his ________ ___ ________ 

3. Conflict with his ________ 

4. Conflict with his ________

5. Conflict with his ______  

6. Conflict with his _______

B. Gracious God, the Deliverer

1. ________ Jacob from the womb 

2. _______________ Jacob from Esau multiple times

3. __________ Jacob with a big family and possessions  

4. Gave Jacob a _____ _________ 

5. Led Jacob “________ and ________ again.”

6. Protected Jacob’s family by ____________ Joseph to _________ first

C. So What?