“We’re in a tight spot”

Don’t hate me, but one of my favorite movies is “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”  It is set in the depression era Deep South and based loosely on Homer’s Odyssey. Many people say that I look just like one of the main actors. If you’ve been listening to me very long, you’ve undoubtedly heard me quote the movie. There are so many one-liners to choose from!

The story unfolds as three escaped convicts try to evade capture and break up a wedding. While in a burning barn and surrounded one night, one character utters these immortal words: 

“We’re in a tight spot!”

And they were. 

We are too! 

When it comes to life, we’re all in a tight spot! As we begin to understand how bad our situation has become, we have two choices. Try to fix it ourselves or ask for help. Asking for help is almost always the best answer. Especially when it comes to matters of life, death, and eternity!

Here’s the thing. If you ask someone whether or not they are saved, some people might respond by saying: “I didn’t know I was lost.” They just don’t understand how tight a spot they’re really in. 

That brings us to this coming Sunday’s sermon. As we study Psalm 25 together, we’ll see that David recognizes that he’s in a tight spot. David recognizes that he needs saving. And David will model for us how to cry out for God to save him from some things, in order to do some other things. 

We’ll see that God’s salvation is not just being saved FROM. It is being saved TO.

I hope you can join us for a combined English and Mandarin service at 9:30 using the Facebook livestream. You can find it by clicking this link:

Make sure you have some juice and crackers handy so you can take communion with us!

Until then, I pray that you’ll take some time this week to remember all that the Lord Jesus has done for you. No matter how tight your spot, He can lead you out and into safety when you cry out to Him!

“See” you Sunday!

Pastor Jason