What a mess!

What a mess!

Last week in Psalm 1 we saw that the living water we need for life comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ, and that spring is fed by meditating on His Word like a dog chewing on a bone. Chewing on the Word and meeting the Lord in His Word makes all the difference in our lives! And boy do we need it!

Have you noticed how messed up our world is? It is becoming more and more difficult to watch the news or even go online, because so much of what we see, hear, and read is becoming increasingly caustic. So many people are angry, offended, or hurt and looking to take it out on others. Sometimes it is easier to shake your head or throw up your hands in frustration.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating burying our heads in the sand or moving to the middle of nowhere and living in complete isolation. We are called to not only live right smackdab in the middle of this messy world, but also do our best to make a difference in it!

This week we’ll continue our summer Psalm series by looking at Psalm 2 in order to better understand the world’s problems, our part in those problems, and God’s prescribed solutions.

In the midst of this mess I’m thankful for you today, and I look forward to breaking the Bread of Life with you this coming Sunday!

Pastor Jason