What tempts you?

What tempts you?

Doing something you know you shouldn’t?

Not doing something that you know you should?

Is it a particular kind of food or drink?

A form of entertainment?

A group of people?

Is it a place?

Is it a time?

Is it too much free time?

Too little free time?

Is it some combination of many or all of these factors?

What do you do when temptation strikes?

How do you respond?

What works?

What doesn’t?

This Sunday we’ll have a combined service with communion at 11, and we’ll talk about temptation. Come at 9:30 for Sunday school! But wait, there’s more! After the service we’ll have our annual New Year’s lunch. I heard something this morning about spring rolls. As if it couldn’t get any better, after that we’ll stay around and have a football party centered around a Super Big football game (and the commercials). Sunday is going to be a full day. Wear your new year’s best and come enjoy it with us!

Also, don’t forget about our Friday Fun Night at 7. We’ll have good food, worship, a short message on your calling, fellowship again, and then plenty of opportunities to hang out and play afterward. I heard something about dodgeball this week, so wear something comfortable!

And, if you are tempted to skip getting together, you’ll probably regret it. Just sayin’…

See you soon!

Pastor Jason