What’s the bottom line?

By now most of y’all are aware of the fact that we’re by necessity now looking for a new vehicle for our family. We’ve been a bit overwhelmed by all the factors and decisions we must make in order to buy reliable transportation.

So. Many. Questions!

Should we buy something new or used?

Low mileage and more expensive, or high mileage and cheaper?

We have to get something for all six of us. What kind of vehicle will be best? A minivan? An SUV? A “big ‘ol pickup?” A ten-seater “home school wagon?”

What will haul all of us and all our stuff?

Which make and model will be best? Should we “buy American?” Look for an import?

And where should we get it? A car dealer? A used car dealer? Buy something online?

Who can we trust?

What’s our “bottom line?”

How much will buying a new car cost?

So. Many. Questions!

But every question is important. Each one must be factored into a final decision. In order to make the best decision we can, we must count the cost.

If buying a car takes this much time, energy, and effort, how much more should we “count the cost” for long-term, life and death decisions about our lives and our souls?

That’s the title of our message from Luke 14:25-35 this coming Sunday: “Counting the cost.” In some ways, making the decision to follow Jesus is even more complicated than buying a car. In other ways, after weighing all the options, the decision is pretty clear.

I hope you can join us Sunday as we look more closely at what it will cost to follow Jesus.

See you soon!

Pastor Jason