What’s the use?

Editor’s note: This blog originated as an email to the church on 2/1/18, but got lost in cyberspace on the way to the website.


What’s the use?

Last Sunday we saw that God in His great love gave us His Word that we might know Him. We saw how the Holy Spirit directed men what to write, and that the Bible is our standard for evaluating our personal spiritual experiences. We also saw that paying attention to God’s Word will change our lives.

This week we’ll continue looking at the Word as a foundation and try to answer the question: “What difference does the Bible really make in your life on a daily basis?”

We’ll gather as one congregation of English and Chinese speakers at 11 to worship and will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together to remember Jesus’ death on our behalf, His resurrection, and His upcoming return!

If it has been a while since you’ve come on Friday night I’d invite you to come tomorrow night at 8 and see what’s new and fellowship with us too. We’ll see you then, or see you Sunday!

Pastor Jason