Where’s home?

My family and I belong to a somewhat weird “tribe.” There are many others of us out there. Some served in the military or grew up as military kids. Others grew up as pastor’s kids or missionary kids. Others just had to move around a lot growing up or throughout their life. 

And the number one question that everyone in this tribe often fears the most is:

“Where’s home?”

It can be an impossible question to answer! 

Two years ago this week we bought our home here in Tucson. Many of y’all were there to help clean, paint and move our stuff from the rental to our new house. Some of y’all are still recovering from helping me get that piano on and off Doug’s truck or get that washer up the stairs. We’ve been in the house two years now. And it is finally starting to feel like home. 

You see, I’ve moved more than 25 times in my life. I know how to move. I’m good at moving. From Alabama to Tennessee. Back to Alabama. Then to Texas. Around Texas and then to China. Then in many places in China before moving back to Alabama and then here to Arizona. And that doesn’t count all the temporary moves or extended travel times. And because my parents moved too, I really don’t have a spot on this earth that I can point to and say, “That’s where I’m from!”

Some of y’all reading this get it, because you’ve lived it. 

Others have grown up and lived in one place your whole life. So, it is easy for you to answer the question “where’s home” with “Tucson” or some other place. You know how to answer the question. Many of us have different experiences and different perspectives on life. But probably all of us have a desire for roots. A desire to call some place “home.”

And that brings me to our message for this coming Sunday. We’re going to look at Psalm 15. Hopefully as we do, we’ll see how to find home. Hopefully we’ll see that home is not just a place on a map. It’s not even a city, state, or country. Psalm 15 will help us really answer the question, and find home!

I hope you can join us this Sunday! We’re slowly but surely opening the church building up for onsite worship. See my previous email or blog post last Sunday afternoon for more details. We’ll also continue to live stream the English service at 9:30 and the Chinese service at 11 using Facebook. If you’d like to watch the live stream, please join us at 

Even if you are currently sick of “home” life right now, hang in there. This too shall pass. There are better days coming. And if you belong to Jesus, keep looking up! You have the promise a better home.

See y’all soon!

Pastor Jason