Which “gap” is mine?

Which “gap” is mine?

So this fall as we study the book of Colossians we’re hoping to answer the question “Who are you?” and all that that means as part of God’s Kingdom. Last week in our introduction to Colossians I reminded you that Jesus Christ defines who you are, and as we slowly learn how to live out of who are in Him moment by moment, day by day then He builds His Kingdom through us individually and as a body of believers.

In Ezekiel 22 God looked for someone to stand in the gap for His people in the midst of the rampant corruption and sin in their society, but He found no one willing or able to do so. No one was willing to make a difference in their world. As a result of this failure, God “returned their way upon their heads.”

What about you?

Will you stand in the gap?

As a church family we have begun talking about a vision for ministry outside the walls of our church and in our communities and our city. Some of us already have a clear picture of which “gap” we should be filling, while others aren’t quite sure yet. And that brings me to a faith-driven diagnostic question I’d like to challenge you to prayerfully consider:

What kind of ministry or outreach would you do in our city if you knew you couldn’t fail and had all the time and financial resources you would ever need to accomplish the task?

Which “gap” is God calling you to take? If you’re not sure, are you asking God? He loves to answer this prayer and direct your steps towards His purpose for your life. That purpose is often much bigger than anything we can do on our own so that by faith we learn to rely on Him.

He most often directs us through His word. As we continue to look at Colossians chapter one this week, you might find that the answer to the questions of who you are and where He is calling you to serve is right in front of you.

I hope to see you Friday night as we continue talking about vision, and then on Sunday as we continue in Colossians. If you’re traveling for Labor Day weekend, be safe and have a good trip!

Pastor Jason