Who built the Ark?

Noah! Noah!

The next contestant in our series “Fallen Fathers, Gracious God” is Noah. We all know the story of how Noah listened to God, obeyed God, and lived to tell about the worldwide flood that came. But there is much more to Noah’s story than a big ol’ boat! I’d encourage you to read Genesis 6-9 this week in preparation for Sunday’s service. Take some time to think about Noah’s story and what it must have been like to be him. 

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We’ll see you then!

By the way, do you know Noah’s wife’s name? It’s Joan! Joan of Ark!

Have a great, or at least groan-worthy week!

Pastor Jason



PS, Here’s an electronic copy of this week’s sermon outlines. A limited number of paper copies will also be available on Sunday morning!

Noah Genesis 69

A. Fallen Noah

1. _______________ and ____________ by faith

2. _______________ while he built

3. W________________

4. Got __________ and ____________, then ____________ a grandson

B. Gracious God

1. Found ____________

2. ____________ Noah in the Ark

3. Renewed a covenant of __________ and __________

4. ____________ the world through Noah’s family

C. So what?