“You had one job”

If you have a few moments today, AFTER you finish reading this, do yourself a favor and Google “you had one job” memes. I think you will enjoy it. You’ll find road signs and stripes painted with the wrong directions. Typos that went to print. People that didn’t follow the instructions. Labels in the wrong places. Even a fortune on the outside of a fortune cookie for everyone to read.

Before you go, let me tell you why I’m encouraging you to laugh at some of these mistakes. It is easy to lose focus. It doesn’t take much to forget our purpose in life. It is common to forget your “one job” in the midst of so many other things! In fact, my advice above might do more harm than good. If you don’t have time to go look at the memes, that’s perfectly okay too. I’d rather you stick to your “one job” than get lost for hours on the internet! So, what does all this have to do with life here in Tucson?

A few weeks ago in Luke 1, we studied an incredible story of an angel who told an old man that he and his wife would finally have a son, and this little boy would have “one job.” In contrast to many memes on the internet, this week in Luke 3 we’ll see John the Baptist live out that “one job” very well.  We’ll get to read his message and understand the purpose of his life. Along the way I think we’ll get a good sense of how much his “one job” really needs to be ours as followers of Christ as well.

I look forward to seeing you Friday night, Saturday morning, or Sunday. Until then, take some time and think about what your “one job” might be!

Pastor Jason