Your Word

Mid-week greetings!

Last Sunday we began looking at what it means to be a spiritually healthy individual in a spiritually healthy church, and we saw that God’s plan builds on four foundations: The Word, Worship, Prayer, and Fellowship. We remember that each of these foundations is built on the Chief Cornerstone, Christ Jesus Himself! One question I left you with last week was “Which of these areas does God want to grow and develop in you over the coming year?” Which one jumps out at you?

This week we’ll dive in deeper to take a look at the Word: what it is, how it was written, and what that all means for us here in Tucson in 2018. It is amazing to me to think about how the Lord of all Creation would care enough about us to not only come and die in our place, but also preserve His thoughts, plans, and purposes in a Book so that we might know Him and His great love for us. What a great gift He has given us!

What is your favorite story or passage from the Bible? Why does it mean so much to you?

I look forward to gathering around Jesus together with you through His Word this week!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Jason